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Woozone Foam Pit with a High-density Foam
Woozone foam pit is mainly be used in the pit pool in the trampoline park; some people call it foam cubes. The foam pit usually comes with a foam density of #58. Such high-density foam is not easy to tear and damage due to oxidation. Also, the leaping ability and resilience force of this foam is much better than the ordinary sponge.
Different Size and Colors For Your Choice
Woozone foam cube has 12 different colors for your choice. Red, gray, dark green, dark blue, dark yellow, light red, black, purple, orange, light green, light blue, and light yellow. Woozone foam cube can produce all kinds of sizes as you like, but foam cube inTrampoline Park usually with common size 20*20*20cm and 15*15*15cm. This depends on your pit pool size and your request.

Woozone Trampoline Foam Pit

Woozone manufacture high density, high resilience, anti-microbial, non- toxic, odorless, eco-friendly foam cube. Our woozone high-density foam pit can be adopted to an indoor trampoline park, gymnastic, amusement park, supermarket, club, etc. The size and color can customize for you.

  • High density
  • Size customized
  • Safety
  • Compressed packaging
  • Packed in Water-proof bag
  • Packed in Carton
  • Delivery On time
  • Shipping Safety
  • Shipping on shortest time and cheapest way
  • Used in trampoline park
  • Used in gymnastics player jump
  • Used in battle beam area


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Why Choose Woozone Trampoline Foam Pit

  • 7x24Hours professional pre&after sales service
  • Under the same quality, woozone offer you the best price.
  • Products manufactured same as design drawing completely, design for free.
  • Provide professional oversea installation services
  • shipping on time:
  • Provide the most professional packaging and transportation services to ensure delivery goods safe and fast to all clients.
  • Certificate: CE, ISO9001, ASTM and SGS, TUV, Test support.
  • Best after-sales service and all equipments are guaranteed with 1-5 years warranty. Within warranty time, free spare parts offered for replacement.

Recent Project on Trampoline Foam Pit
Foam Pit For Canada Client

Foam Pit also called a foam cube, woozone foam cubes are widely used in an indoor trampoline park. Woozone gymnastics foam blocks can protect children when they diving pool full of soft foam blocks. Kids feel safe to dive, jump, and fall into pit.
Foam Pit For Losangelas Client

Woozone gymnastics foam pit is not only can be used in a single project, but also can be associated with ninja warrior. Woozone Ninja course is very popular in commercial trampoline park. When people fall down, bellowing foam cubes can protect them perfectly.

Foam Pit For New York Client

This Woozone indoor trampoline project is built in NewYork. The main feature of this trampoline park is the large foam pit pool. A huge pit full of foam cubes like a sea pool. The colorful climbing walls some like night sky with many stars, some like puzzle, very attractive and exciting.

Trampoline Foam Pit

Woozone foam pit is widely used for an amusement park.

As usual every done by woozone trampoline park all have foam pit.

Both gymnastics players jump from the high tower and two players playing on the battle beam when falling down, our woozone soft foam blocks can protect players not get injured.

Woozone foam cubes have very good great flexibility and high elasticity, all can assured to protect our players not injured.

Of course, why we love foam pit so much it can bring unique Stimulating feelings.

Also trampoline park is the hottest indoor playground project these years.

That is why our woozone suggests you chose this foam pit project into your trampoline park designs.

Foam cubes pit it not only can be a single project but also can associated with ninja warrior below is foam pit when people falling down foam cubes can protect them.

Also if gymnastics players jump from the high tower then jump into the foam pit, it does brings lots of fun!

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