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Woozone climbing playground can be divided into two types; single cord net or double cord net. You can choose from the types available based on your space, size and weight requirements. Please note that woozone produces galvanized tubes with diameter 60-114mm accordingly.
Woozone climbing play structure can be customized according to your space and style. The climbing play equipment is entirely pre-installed before shipping to avoid missing any spare parts or damages.

Woozone Outdoor Climbing Equipment

Woozone outdoor climbing equipment is also called climbing play structure, climbing play equipment, or rope playground equipment. Outdoor climbing equipment applies to preschool, kindergarten, school, park, community, backyard and any other public place. Woozone kids’ outdoor climbing equipment is made of galvanized tube and finished by welding with a different style. Then hand makes the net according to the frame which means we have size options ranging from 12mm to 16mm. All nets have copper inside to give it good strength, corrosion resistance, waterproof, UV protection and most importantly safe for outdoor use.

  • Free design
  • Design as per your requirement
  • Offer design drawing within 48 hours
  • Manufacturing accordance with design picture
  • Use high-quality raw material
  • Cartoon real photo printing
  • Professional packing worker
  • Experienced loading staff
  • Safety and fastest shipping
  • CAD frame install map
  • Installation video and instruction
  • Oversea installation


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Why Choose Woozone Outdoor Climbing Equipment

  • 7x24Hours professional pre&after sales service
  • Under the same quality, woozone offers you the best price.
  • Products manufactured the same as design drawing completely, design for free.
  • Provide professional oversea installation services
  • Shipping on time
  • Provide the most professional packaging and transportation services to ensure delivery goods safe and fast to all clients.
  • Certificate: CE, ISO9001, ASTM and SGS, TUV, Test support.
  • Best after-sales service and all equipment are guaranteed with a 1-5 year warranty. Within warranty time, free spare parts offered for replacement.

Recent Project on Outdoor Climbing Equipment
Woozone Climbing Structures

Woozone preschool climbing structures are very popular among various kids outdoor playground equipment. With copper inside of the net, make the net enough strength, corrosion resistance, waterproof, UV protection and safe for outdoor use.
Woozone Children's Outdoor Climbing Equipment

Woozone children’s outdoor climbing equipment can be build together with other outdoor playground types of equipment, like outdoor slide, seesaw, swing. This is a real case woozone customized for our American clients. If you have the plan to make kid¡¯s outdoor climbing equipment, don¡¯t hesitant to contact with woozone. Woozone can make an amazing playground for you.
Outdoor Climbing Equipment

Woozone is China’s leading turn-key outdoor playground manufacturer. Woozone supply you all kinds of outdoor playground equipment and all kinds of playground rope connectors. This outdoor climbing equipment includes monkey bar climbing frame, climbing wall. All the materials are security and environmentally friendly.

Outdoor Climbing Equipment

Woozone playground are popular by kids around the world.

We also called climbing playground, climbing play structure, outdoor climbing equipment, climbing play equipment, kids outdoor climbing equipment.

The climbing playground rope is consists of welded metal parts and weaved rope.

When children playing, their hand and foot can be developed more harmonious, and their balance ability also improved, while their energy and courage developed at the same time.

Woozone playground rope are mainly used for school,park, garden, community, play center and any outdoor leisure space.
We have two install ways for your choice, one can be embedded to the earth around 30cm, another can be fixed to the ground by screws.

You can choose according to your situation.

Woozone can customized all kinds of children’s outdoor climbing equipment for you according to your space, any size will be available.

We provide you a free design and customized materials according to your space, your needs, and your budget.

Meanwhile, Woozone always considers kids’ safety when playing!

So we use metal pipe with wall thickness more than 2mm for you.

According to your requirement, we provide various kinds of pipe for your choice from Dia32mm to Dia114mm.

Mostly we use Dia89mm and Dia114mm.

We always use non-toxic power to paint the climbing playground pipe and other metal parts, then coated by high temperature more than 200¡æ to make the surface smooth, our climbing play structure preservative and UV protection.

As the main part of the outdoor climbing equipment we called sea cable rope, we offer you Dia16mm sea cable rope which including 6piece 1mm metal steel wire inside.

Such rope we use are High intensity, Preservative, Waterproof, and UV proof.

So kids always play safety in our climbing play equipment!

Woozone as a leading outdoor playground equipment manufacturer and kids outdoor climbing equipment supplier in china, we support you layout the space, design, production and transportation.

Besides we pre-install the climbing playground in-house and provide you detailed install instructions.

Regarding install, we also do over-sea install service for you if you need.

Our professional install worker will come to your place to help you to install the whole set of the climbing play structure as your requirement!

Besides Woozone also provide you with climbing playground spare parts, such as playground rope connectors, outdoor climbing equipment rope and so on.

Woozone must be your best choice among the playground rope supplier in China.

Great Pre-sale and After-sale online service for 24hours! So please do not hesitate to contact us at any time if you have any question or problem on our products!


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