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Woozone is a real one-stop leading playground equipment and trampoline park equipment manufacturer and supplier in China for play center, shopping malls, school, kindergarten, daycare centers, park, community and any public space at incredible price. We are be on service of you on custom design according to your requirement and meet your budget, detailed designs, production and installation. Woozone is using only the finest materials to ensure the high quality of your playground equipment. Woozone also offer all other products that are needed for your playground equipment. We are not only a manufacturer of your playground equipment, but also we are a business partner of yours. We support you in building and operating your playground equipment business as well as services after installation, we do a lot more than other manufacturers.

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Why Choose WooZone Playground Equipment

10+ Years Manufacturing Experience
Woozone do produce and supply playground equipment since Year 2008. More than 10years experience make use confident in and proud of the reliable quality of everything we make. Woozone offers industry-leading warranty to al our playground equipment.

Fast Layout Design
Woozone was created by a experienced and creative design team. After our deep communication, we do custom design for you within 3days. We put all kinds of sports amusement equipment with customer’s ground. Attach various themes to provide you with “integrated” experience.

Full Support On Installation
As a professional manufacturer, our in-house production and installation teams strive to ensure on-time completion of your projects. Meanwhile, Woozone offer oversea install service, efficient and less cost.

1000+ Projects Experience
Woozone have more than 1000 international and local playground equipment projects have been successfully accomplished. Entertaining 10 million happy families worldwide.


1. Find Suitable Location

Based on your vision and budget, you can try to look for suitable locations that fit the criteria. See site selection suggestions and tips here. After you find a suitable location, then send us the detailed space size map.

2. Design Your Playground

You can browse our products for inspiration, then brainstorm for initial design ideas, if you’d like to,our designer can join your brainstorming too,and discuss with you to ensure that all your ideas and demands are understood correctly.

Then our designer will submit the completed drawings and 3-D renders for your review. We will revise it until it meets your satisfaction.

3. Order And Production

After finished final design,we will account the price for your reference. If not meet your budget,we also can change designs to closed to your budget.You will place an order with Woozone and upon signing the contract, a deposit payment is required.

Then the data is entered into our project management system. Our international sales will update with the production progress by emails to you.

4. Site Preparation

When we are busy manufacturing your indoor playground, you will need to prepare your site for the installation and opening of business, which includes: interior decoration, staff recruiting and training, ads and promotion.Your work in this period is important to the success of your business, that is why our consultant will work with you closely to make sure everything is perfectly ready for the opening day.

Indoor Playground Equipment Materials:

1. Pipe Structures: For indoor playground equipment and trampoline park. The steel pipes we use with the wall thickness 1.2mm or 1.5mm or 1.8mm. Can use different pipes thickness according to your playground equipment height. Our steel pipes are hot-dip galvanized steel pipes where the whole pipe is immersed in a bath of molten zinc thus both the inside and outside of the pipes are protected from rusting for many years.

2. Soft Play Equipment: The wooden parts of all of our products are made of high quality plywoods. Cover with high-density foam to make the paddings for all our soft play equipment, thus our soft play equipment are capable of maintaining its shape for years under the constant play. Then cover with the PVC tarpaulin which are manufactured by the best manufacturer in China. These heavy-duty PVC vinyl is 0.45mm thick, making it capable of withstanding many years of intense wear, yet still maintaining its soft touch. Besides,with one of the widest range of colours available, we are able to make a big range of colourful playgrounds that will appeal to many different customers.

3. Plastic Parts: All major plastic components of Woozone indoor playground equipments are made of shatter-proof compounded resins and are produced with our own rotomolding machines. They are more resistant to impact, abrasion, and aging. The finished product also looks more glossy and smooth, and does not induce static.

Outdoor Playground Equipment Materials:

1. Metal Parts:

Woozone outdoor playground equipment metal pipe with Dia114mm or Dia89mm metal pipe coated with no-toxic power above 200℃ temperature, to make sure the power not shedding under sunshine.

The deck/stair/bridge made with 5mm thickness metal board and coated with non-toxic power,also can with plastic covered which can avoid to corrosion.

2. Plastic Parts:

All plastic components of Woozone outdoor playground are made of UV Resistance LLDEP which import from Korea, and are produced with our own rotomolding machines. They are more resistant to impact, abrasion, and aging, colors no fade. The finished product also looks more glossy and smooth, and does not induce static.

Trampoline Park Equipments Materials:

1. Metal Structure:

Our commercial-grade trampolines are built with strong metal structures and specially strengthened metal components such as the tailor-made springs. We use metal standed pipe with size 10x10cm and parallel pipe with size 10x5cm, wall thickness 2.5mm. And costed by no-toxic power above 200℃ temperature. These structure and components will ensure that the trampoline will be sturdy and durable.

The trampoline cloth used in our trampolines are thick and made of high quality fabric that are made specially for trampolines. Nylon webbings are stictched on all sides of the trampoline cloth using strong nylon threads to ensure the durability of our trampoline.

Trampoline soft padding which Woozone use high density 7.0cm thickness foam with heavy-duty 18oz industrial-grade PVC vinyl is 0.55mm thick, finished sewing with Inner zipper and Velcro, to make sure the padding sticker with the metal pipes much more firm.

Pipe Fitting:

Our proprietary pipe fitting are made of hot-galvanized malleable steel, with 6mm wall thickness, it is much more stronger and durable in comparison to the cheap iron clamps that is used by other playground companies.

Safety Netting:

Our nylon safety netting are tightly knitted and certified to be used special,with size 4x4cm each moduel so that avoid the kids hand or feet out of the safety net. Also we put safety netting up the roof to make sure totally safety when kids playing.


The vertical pipes on the ground comes with a strong cast-iron footing which is bolted to the concrete floor to hold the pipes stably in position. Also we have another footing is plastic footing. So can choose according to your playground height.

Foam Pipes:

The foam pipes has foam thickness of 1.6cm with the diameter of the pipes being 8.0cm. The PVC vinyl has a pure and bright colour and is also UV-resistant making sure the pipes stays flexible and durable even when exposed in sunlight. We have 20colors for your choice according to your playground theme.

Cable Ties:

The cable ties used to tie the foam pipes to the steel pipes are made of high quality plastic, making it flexible yet still tough. The video below will show the differences of our zip ties and the low quality cable ties

We use generously more cable ties to tie the foams onto the steel pipes, the space between our zip ties is 15cm to 16cm, in comparison with 25cm to 30cm of space of other manufacturers, this will tie the foam and netting on the structure much more reliably, and greatly reduce the maintenance cost of the customer.

Webbing Equipment:

Woozone webbing deck, webbing bridge,single plank bridge,webbing crawl tunnels, spider climb tower are meant to be stepped on, jumped on and climbed on by the children and thus they have to be strong enough to bear the weight of children. These webbings have to be very strong in order to stay in shape and be able to last a long time. Our webbings are manufactured using tightly knitted nylon webbings which is the same materials that is used to make the seat belts in a car.

The stitching of the webbing is done using very strong nylon threads and is double stitched on all the joint parts of the webbing to ensure that they do not fall apart thus ensuring that the webbing will be strong.


Woozone produce single slide,double slide,spiral slide,tube slide, all those slide made from LLDPE with also can be used for outdoor playground.For tube slide, we also use with the Transparent tube, this will enable parents to see into these crawling tubes to keep a watch no their children.

Our fibreglass wave slide is made of coloured gel which is abrasion-resistant and highly durable. The wave slides will be keeping it bright colour and glossy surface even after many years of usage. Many other Chinese companies uses paint for their wave slides instead of colored gel, the slide surface of such slides is destined to crack and abrade after a short period of usage. Our wave slides are built with railings on the sides to keep the children safely in their own slide chutes.We install a big and thick soft mat after children stops at the end of our long exit section. The safety nettings are also extended to surround the sides of the landing/exit area to prevent collision accidents between children who are exiting the slides and other children.


Our interlocking foam mats are commercial-grade and made of high-density anti-fatigue EVA that will stay in shape even after years of intense usage in commercial playgrounds. In comparison, foam mats made of ordinary EVA that are supplied by many other playground manufacturers are usually for home-use and not really qualified for commercial usage. The picture below will show the difference.

For the toddler area, soft play mats are usually used instead of EVA mats. Our soft play mats are similar to the deckboards used on our play structure only softer. The soft play mats have a plywood base and the foam used is the high-density soft foam and completely upholstered with our high quality PVC vinyl. The high density foam will maintain its shape after years of usage and will provide better protection to the children and is more durable compared to foam mats.

Customers can also choose to upgrade the EVA Mats of the main play structure to soft play mats if they are interested.

The installation process is a very important part in the process of building an indoor playground, outdoor playground and trampoline park equipment. The quality of installation will affect the quality of the finished indoor playground. This is why only a fully installed indoor playground will be considered a completed product and ready for safety inspection. If the playground is poorly installed, no matter how high the quality of the play equipment is, the safety and quality of the indoor playground can be greatly compromised.

Woozone provides a very comprehensive and accurate installation manual that we custom-made for every individual customer’s playground. Our installation manuals are easy to follow and very informative with the layered 3D drawing that shows all details of the pipe structure and illustrated installation instructions for all our major products. Customers will have no problems installing the playground and the equipment themselves as long as they follow the manual carefull and pay attention to the instructions.

Besides, Woozone had an in-house install team, our installation technicians on average have around 8 years of playground installation experience. They have installed over 300playgruond equipment and trampoline park equipment all over the world and have a strict standard which they follow to make sure that the playground are installed properly so that not only are they safe and durable but will also give the playground a high quality look and make it easy for the maintenance. Our professional installation team will be our first guarantee of installation quality.

Pre-Shipment Support:

Return on investment and find the best location to open the playcenter. Even if you are entering into the market for the first time, you don’t have to invest based on your gut instinct. Rather, you are making an informed decision with us based on facts and statistics.

After you rent the space, we will process on playground design for you. The design process commences with extensive communication with the customer, our designer will make sure he has a clear understanding of your requirements in terms of both functionality and style. Your business goals will serve as guidelines for the designer so he can customize the design to fit your needs. He keeps in touch with you via various internet communication tools so you can be updated on the progress. You will personally review the design upon its completion. We will not stop revising it until you are completely satisfied.

After received the deposit,we start produce your project,we will enter the data into our project management system to schedule the tasks based on a mutually agreed shipment date.during the production,our international sales will update info to you ASAP.

Will adivse you 1week in advance before finished your project. Shipment can be arranged by you or by us, both ok. Our project management system ensures that we adhere to the shipment schedule. In urgent circumstances, your order will be given priority and we will assign more resources to work on it.

After-Shipment Support

Custom clearance if you needed. Custom rules and regulations vary from one country to another, but our extensive experience in exporting playgrounds and play equipment allows us to effectively handle shipment and custom clearance issues.

After the materials reached to your warehouse. You can plan to install the playground. A proper installation is as important as the quality of the indoor playground. The safety and longevity of many playgrounds have been compromised due to improper installation and thus, it is important to hire professionals who have the skills and knowledge to execute the installation. Woozone has a dedicated, well-trained team of installation technicians who possess extensive experience from installing many playgrounds all over the world so you can enjoy a peace of mind with us being in charge.

We strive to provide excellent after-sales service because we understand the difference it can make to your business. Playground operators enjoy better reputation and shorter downtime when they receive timely support from the manufacturers. When your business can operate smoothly, losses are reduced and profits are increased. All our customers gets to receive a customized maintenance kit containing spare parts and a comprehensive installation and maintenance manual so they can run their business smoothly without a glitch.

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